There are a lot of things I want to do during my lifetime. I can’t say I have them in a particular order of importance or anything, but here’s some of my “bucket list”

1 ) Go to Japan
2 ) Start a family
3 ) Create an independent production company
4 ) Attend a Metallica concert
5 ) Voice-act for a video game and/or movie

6 ) Write and publish a book
7 ) Co-establish a successful and informative video game website
8 ) Host a weekly video show for more than 2 years time
9 ) Host a weekly audio show for more than 2 years time
10) Train in professional wrestling and participate in at least 2 matches
11) Play-by-play a professional wrestling match
12) Produce a big-budget film
13) Film a big-budget film
14) Direct a full-feature film
15) Act in a full-feature film
16) Write a full-feature film that gets approved for production
17) Hug a Panda
18) Have a large video game room in my own home, complete with cabinets
19) Regularly participate in helping OCD patients in severe need of help
20) Regularly participate in mental health seminars in support of adolescent and teens in need of help
21) Aside from studying film and journalism, also acquire some sort of psychology degree.
22) Go to New Zealand
23) Go to Egypt
24) Go to Europe
25) Narrate a movie trailer

I shall go into detail regarding each choice throughout the year. Hey, more blog posts! 😀

I want to have 100 things on this list. When will I complete it? No clue, but I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted.