I’m an unusual person. I’m not saying this based on my own assumption, but by what has been said to me by others.  My beliefs aren’t widely shared and often become part of an unnecessary argument.  Why? There are many reasons. Could be because I don’t do the “cool” thing that these wild and crazy kids do these days, or simply because I’m apparently just “trying to be different”. That being said, I do know plenty of people that accept me for who I am, and I’ve already thanked those for respecting my decisions.



So I get asked a lot about what ‘Straight-Edge’ thing is. I could take the lazy route and link you to a Wikipedia article, but most are very boring and just flat-out suck. I shall spare the crazy origins of how Straight-Edge came to be and get to the guts of it.

Being Straight-Edge means choosing a lifestyle without the use of recreational substances, that being drugs, alcohol and cigarettes/nicotine. Why? Because we don’t need them. We don’t need to live addicted to something simply because it’s the wide-spread thing to do. It’s like the old saying: “If X jumped off a bridge, would you?” The persisting problem here lies in people that misunderstand what being Straight-Edge is.  I’ve heard it all: “So… you don’t like to have fun?” that’s the classic one right there.  If fun involves having a good time with friends, what does that have to do with drinking? It’s all a matter of preference. Sadly there is someone out there in the world that actually enjoyed the movie ‘Gigli’. If you are reading this and enjoyed that movie, please post a comment… along with your name and address… and your measurements for your coffin.

There are those that believe in this lifestyle but also rebel against others, that’s just not the way to do things. As much as I dislike drinking, drug abuse, etc. I can’t hate others for choosing a different path. We’re all different and we need to respect that. Hate never leads to a good thing.