No relation to IBM.

Do you think anyone back in the 1970’s would even begin to imagine the amount of communication we have now? Think about it, it’s crazy. Thanks to the internet we can not only keep track of a movie, but the actor, the director, his family, his daughter’s dog and the dog’s puppies… and with twitpics! The internet opened up the opportunity for all of us to express ourselves for better or worse, something I will be getting deeper into in the near future.

Even in the 90’s when the IRC was the cool thing we still didn’t use the internet the way we do now, to the extent where we can find out what almost anyone else is doing at any time of the day thanks to websites like facebook and twitter. Even at this current stage, I believe blogging can still go way farther than where it is right now. It’s not only a way to spread your public opinions and thoughts, you can find others that share the same ideas you do and initiate a deep conversation with someone that could possibly live on the other side of the world. Although many think we’re anonymous around here, we’re really not. Before social-networking sites I would say so, but the fact of the matter is that virtually anyone you stumble upon has  a myspace, digg, facebook, twitter account, something that will allow you to find more information about them all stalker-like. Snap! Plus, it’s that element of really knowing the poster that motivates you to read a lot more, knowing that you’re going inside the mind of someone else.

Blogging has become a platform so immense that you can think from the smallest blog that talks about Ricky’s cat named Sue, to a political rebel discussing the state of the world! It’s something that no other media serious such as television or even radio could provide, not to this extent. With advancements like broadband (and fiber optic, which is sexy) not only do we decide to portray ourselves in this secondary world by text, but also by audio and video.

If all of this that I mentioned has happened in around 10 years or less, think about the future. How far are we going to go and is there such a thing as a limit to where we should go? Time will only tell… unless 2012 really does mean the end of the world, in which case… better stock up on porn. What’s with my blogs and porn? Maybe that should be a slog-… This post was all serious up until the end, wasn’t it? I shall now venture into the darkness, or just refresh twitter every two seconds until I get sleepy. ’till next time.