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The Webesphere

No relation to IBM.

Do you think anyone back in the 1970’s would even begin to imagine the amount of communication we have now? Think about it, it’s crazy. Thanks to the internet we can not only keep track of a movie, but the actor, the director, his family, his daughter’s dog and the dog’s puppies… and with twitpics! The internet opened up the opportunity for all of us to express ourselves for better or worse, something I will be getting deeper into in the near future.

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I dub me forgiven

I love Metallica. I could end this post right now, but I’ll elaborate a bit on the subject! My brother has been very influential to me when it comes to musical preference. He would wear Guns ‘N Roses t-shirt and listen to plenty of songs from a particular band… a band which I came to love.

During my high-school years a train was established in Puerto Rico which made it a lot easier for me to get to my school located in Rio Piedras. I loved taking the train, but hated that it took a little over 30 minutes to get to my destination. Add me not having a CD player or one of those fancy new iPods into the mix and you have yourself one impatient puertorrican. That all changed when I got myself a CD player a week later and started getting some music to listen to on the way! Guess the two bands that I listened to the most… if you get this wrong, you press alt+F4 and go to sleep right now. Guns ‘N Roses and Metallica.

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I’m an unusual person. I’m not saying this based on my own assumption, but by what has been said to me by others.  My beliefs aren’t widely shared and often become part of an unnecessary argument.  Why? There are many reasons. Could be because I don’t do the “cool” thing that these wild and crazy kids do these days, or simply because I’m apparently just “trying to be different”. That being said, I do know plenty of people that accept me for who I am, and I’ve already thanked those for respecting my decisions.



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There are a lot of things I want to do during my lifetime. I can’t say I have them in a particular order of importance or anything, but here’s some of my “bucket list”

1 ) Go to Japan
2 ) Start a family
3 ) Create an independent production company
4 ) Attend a Metallica concert
5 ) Voice-act for a video game and/or movie

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