When you think of a Zombie Apocalypse, what comes to mind? How will you survive? Movies have taught us that maybe going to a mall might be a good option, or to stick with your best bud and head over to your favorite tavern! Me? Well I’d try to make things even more interesting. Seeing as I live in a tropical island, I’m going to base this post around surviving a zombie apocalypse in Puerto Rico. More importantly how >>> I <<< would survive this.

Step 1)  Where do you live?

Do you live on the 12th floor of an apartment complex? You’re probably better off staying there than a lonely house where the zombies will make their attempt to break in as soon as possible. Get the people on floors one through eleven first! Just make sure you stock up on food. From my many experiences in the world of video games, having the high ground is always a good thing. That or make sure you win in a cage match, because those are always awesome. Would you win against a zombie in a ca-… nevermind. Continue reading